Many of you know that a few years back we made the decision to switch to as strict a wedding workflow as possible. But following this years news that i will be having more work done on my ailing ankle i will be scaling back weddings and opening dates back up for Senior, Family, Maternity and Portrait/Commercial Photography. This last August was brutal with over ten weddings alone and as much as we love the love it is breaking down my old bones.

Over the next few months i will finishing up the 2015 workflow. We already have a full summer of wedding fun booked, and this year’s bookings are far more spaced out so we still have a few prime Saturday’s left.

Later this month i will update the website with our current portrait session pricing and look forward to working with all our past and present clients in 2016.

All this is GOOD NEWS of course. I get fixed and can continue making and sharing memories for years to come.

As always, sorry for the typos!