2017 Season



This week “officially” starts the 2017 season. From now through October I have 24 weddings, essentialy  every weekend. I have been in contact with most of you, but want to share a few points and reminders with everyone. If you have not yet shared your wedding-day timeline with me, it’s never too early to start planning. Please send it my way as soon as possible.

First, the REMINDERS…

1.Your package comes with a complimentary matted & framed display photo and hand-out wallets (with access info for guests who want to view photos after they’re posted). Please choose 2 images from your display/engagement session and let me know your selections for each (display photo, wallets). Hint: Choose a more romantic/scenic shot for your display and a close-up for the wallet-size. Let us know if guests will sign the matt or not. We provide pens.

2.Fill out the “important people” document Laura sent when you booked. If you misplaced it let us know so we can send another.

3. If the photo booth is part of your package, give me any suggestions on the design for the footer graphic at the bottom of the photo strip.

4. My preferred mode of contact is phone or email. If you Facebook please note I only have a business page and you need to initiate contact if you’d like to communicate via messenger (thanks, Facebook).

5. For any billing question or statement request contact Laura at elljay68@gmail.com. Payments are due 30 days prior to event as per agreement.

6. I will be taking another November break to clean up last years ankle replacement. I am braced up and ready for the summer. Excluding a break now and then I will tire you out with my running around !


Now the TIPS…

1. The prevalence of guests using cell phones is getting worse. Only you can prevent cell phones from ruining prized memories. Consider two facts: First, I give you every image to share, print and post. Second, the quality of most cell phone pics is not going to be the same as what you are paying me to produce! When people jump in front of me to take a photo with their phone, it can limit my ability to do my job. Consider letting your guests know that you would like an “unplugged” ceremony.


2. Consider a day-of coordinator. Either hire someone or ask a special friend to assist in setup. Stressing about floral arrangements and table settings is not your job.

3. Eat, drink, and be merry…kind of. Be sure to eat (and feed your wedding party) breakfast and lunch, and hydrate throughout the day. If you are going to drink alcohol, pace yourself. Don’t let booze hijack your day! Assign flask control to someone and make sure your bridal party is aware of the venue rules.

4.Watch the tanning. If you are going to spray tan or tan in general be aware that less is often more. You don’t know how many times I have photographed an orange bridesmaid or burnt bride and inevitably the groom or other attendants have not seen sun since 1995!

5. Makeup. Same as tanning: Less is more. We highly edit our images and soften professionally. Improper blending in the neckline or t-zone is hard to correct. Hire a professional and know that the majority of our lighting is natural. If they apply your makeup under incandescent light, it will not photograph as well as if they use window light. A professional makeup person will (hopefully) light accordingly when applying.

6. Up-lighting. A relatively new phenomenon is DJ’s selling uplighting as an add-on to your package. Beware! Modern LED lights can overpower modern flashes. A good DJ will be aware and work with your photographer to place the lights for effect. Avoid cross lighting the dance floor at all costs. It is beautiful but be aware it can negatively affect the photos.

7. Be patient. The more time you give me, the more photos I can edit. As we reach into summer I will shoot 20 weddings in a three month period. I post samples within a few days, but then I need to get back to work editing the weddings shot prior to yours. Inform your parents and bridal party that samples will be available by the week following your wedding, and that when the final photos post they will have full access. Spring weddings can take 4-8 weeks for me to complete, but I will be working on late summer/fall weddings into the holiday season and beyond.