2021 Wedding Season



It’s been a very busy summer with weddings and I thank all of this years clients with your patience while I deal with some family health issues that have put editing back a few weeks. I’m back at it and things are slowly catching up.


Many of you know I have had a series of surgeries on my ankle in hopes to continue to get stronger and maintain my mobility. Sadly those surgeries have failed and have only complicated the issues further. I have learned that I have not set aside a proper amount of recovery time in the past and “Pushed” it to fast and far and this may have adversely affected the outcome of the prior reconstructions.


I have elected to correct the problem in the fall of 2020 with one last surgery. My recovery is projected far past the normal wedding season and this will force me to not book any events for the 2021 season. I am fully booking the 2020 season and this in no way affects my ability to shoot those events.


If you have any questions about my availability or for that matter my ability, do not hesitate to inquire anytime anyway.