To blog or not to blog!


On the job!

That’s a great question. I think most confuse a web page with a blog. I suppose they are now just one in the same, i can’t keep up. I have this blog and over the years used it to communicate with you all my thoughts or updates but these days i can do that with social media in real time. At one point i even posted portrait sessions and weddings here but again it was far easier to share from our Facebook or IG. I keep this blog as an extension of my main page that is more visual than anything else. I honestly need to update it also as images become old quicker in the digital age. I really suppose that webpages have become like phone books to most, the real connection is social media. I recently changed our Facebook and Instagram URL’s to more properly align with our services. Our new addresses our and

If you have our old URL it my come up 404, simply search for us at either Select Photography or ImagesbySelect. Thanks, sorry for the hic up. As weddings slow down for me i am jumping back into Family Portraits and Seniors, I’m sure for our past clients this is awesome news!