Photo Vandalism…

Ok , i will just get this out. I know most people don’t read negative posts but i have a bone to pick with some photographers in the area. Now i know it’s getting harder and harder to find good open space to take photos. Parks are getting predictable and with so many shooters these days everyone is scrambling to find new locations. I myself can look at at the background of a photo and tell you instantly where it was shot. Fact is free open space is hard to come by so some spots become very popular.


That said i am tired of seeing photographers writing all over the walls, trees and whatever else with chalk thinking it will just wash away, bullpuckey! Most of the time we shoot in shade and these areas are not exposed and some of these words can stay for 3-4 years, no kidding!. In fact on some of the historical barns at Fort Steilacoom the chalk will never go away and permanently damages the siding. Last nights shoot i was by the museum of glass and someone wrote a big heart and another “Class of” sign on the side of the Albers building. First of all they are nice enough to let us shoot that stairwell, it is trespassing, but to write all over someones condo wall and walk off is pretty rude not to mention ruining the spot for others. And tress count also. I saw someone carved, thats right CARVED a V+H 2015 sign, idiots!



Look, buy a sign board or bring some hot water but clean up. As my wife always says “Leave the campground cleaner than when you came!” If we don’t start self policing this these locations will disappear or worse parks will be forced to to move to a permit process. They are ALLOWING us to use there locations treat them with respect.

Off on another tangent, shooting on railroad tracks is also dumb. I myself got caught up in this phenomenon a few years ago. It’s also trespassing, dangerous and actually illegal. Even though i used “Dead” lines in the hills upstarts copy your work and with no clue go to busy local tracks risking more that they should.

Ok, i am done preaching.Grrrr.!